Beat the Bucket
Beat the Bucket

Beat the Bucket

Beat the Bucket is not another dunk tank--it's better! Self-contained unit for easy transport for our will call customers, quick set-up, low water consumption and best of all no age, ability, or physical restrictions! A single player stands behind the station and can use the blocking arm to help defend himself from being hit. If a ball makes it past the blocker and hits a target, the bucket of water dumps on the player, The game runs off of a standard garden hose water supply, and a 12V rechargeable power pack. The bucket can also be manually loaded using a pail of water. 


Rent for as little as $249 weekdays, or $325 for a weekend rental.
Does not include staffing. Delivery fees may apply.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

1'd x 4'w x 6'h

Space Needed:

20'd x 8'w x 6'h *

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