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Portland PartyWorks has one of the largest selections of inflatable obstacle courses for rent in the Great Northwest. Whether you are looking for something to entertain the kids in your backyard or putting together a large company picnic, you will be sure to find what you are looking for here. Each inflatable obstacle course is cleaned, sanitized and inspected for any damage after each rental with your safety in mind. PartyWorks has decades of experience with planning and executing events, both big and small. We will go over every detail beforehand to ensure your event goes as smooth as possible. You can take advantage of our low cost do-it-yourself option or have one of our professionals deliver and setup. Either way, you will get everything you need to keep your event fun, safe and entertaining for hours. Check out our huge selection of inflatable obstacle courses below and reserve yours today with our easy to use online quote request.

For spring & summer of 2023, we have very limited availability for delivery on rentals under $900. Delivery is generally only available on events booking multiple items, such as Company Picnics, School Field Days, Fairs, and Community Events, or for customers booking multiple dates. Many dates from June through August are already completely booked or close to it, so contact us soon if you’re planning an event.

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Obstacle Courses for Rent

100′ Warrior Challenge Obstacle Course

100' Warrior Challenge Obstacle Course

100′ of pure adrenaline. The highlight of this obstacle course is the heart-stopping drop zone! After crawling through the corkscrew and navigating the tires, contestants launch through the air and land softly on a pillow of air, then gather themselves for the race to the finish line slide! Can be split up and rented as 3 separate pieces.

 Starting at $1295.

125′ Biohazard Obstacle Course

125' Biohazard Obstacle Course

Two-lane course with 125 feet of heart-pumping obstacles! New for 2022.

Starting at $1295

24′ Four Element Obstacle Course

24' Four Element Obstacle Course

Same fun as the Seven Element Obstacle Course, just a bit smaller for smaller spaces. Combine with another obstacle course for a whole new configuration and a more challenging competition! 

Starting at $395

Special DIY pricing may be available on a limited basis.

34′ Dual Lane Challenge Obstacle Course

34' Dual Lane Challenge Obstacle Course

Two slides and a tall, steep climb to the finish line make this one a challenge for all ages. May be too difficult for the little ones.

Starting at $695

34′ Obstacle Course

34' Obstacle Course

from $495.00

item unavailable (change date)

All the BIG FUN of a full size obstacle course packed into a smaller package. 2 players climb, slide and push their way through to victory!

Starting at $495.

35′ Radical Run Obstacle Course

35' Radical Run Obstacle Course

New for 2024! Photos coming soon. Two competitors race through 35' of obstacles. 

Starting at $695

35′ Tropical Run Obstacle Course

35' Tropical Run Obstacle Course

New for 2024! Photos coming soon. Two competitors race through 35' of obstacles. 

Starting at $695

38′ Biohazard Obstacle Course

38' Biohazard Obstacle Course

38' long dual-lane obstacle course with an exciting color scheme.

Starting at $795

38′ Six Element Obstacle Course

38' Six Element Obstacle Course

Two competitors race through 38′ of obstacles, including a small slide. 

Starting at $695

40′ Survivor Obstacle Course

40' Survivor Obstacle Course

Race through 40′ of obstacles to see who’s got what it takes. Palm trees, great graphics and our 15′ tall Survivor man make this a fantastic attraction for all events.

Starting at $695

42′ Biohazard Slide Section

42' Biohazard Slide Section

19' high dual-lane slide. This can be rented on its own, or combined with our biohazard obstacle course sections to create an obstacle course up to 125' long.

Starting at $849

43′ Slam Dunk Obstacle Course

43' Slam Dunk Obstacle Course

Two opponents challenge each other on this 40' long inflatable full of obstacles and nasty defenders. Race through tunnels, over hills, past ten tough defenders and through the Big Squeeze on your way to the hoop. Michael Jordan never had it so tough! A great, safely competitive themed event, this game plays as big as it looks.

Starting at $695

45′ Roller Coaster Obstacle Course

45' Roller Coaster Obstacle Course

This is a smaller version of our incredibly large Roller Coaster obstacle course, with the same bright & fun colors with quality graphics. This is our “Editor's Choice” as best mid-size obstacle course. It's a version coaster-goers will enjoy inside a facility or on a tight budget! This convenient, amazing one-piece unit sets up quickly for non-stop action your guests will love. Just be sure to remind them to “keep their hands inside the ride at all times!”

Starting at $795

50′ U-Turn Obstacle Course

50' U-Turn Obstacle Course

New for 2023! Over 50' of obstacles in a compact size. Two racers make their way to the far end of the course, then turn the corner and head to the finish line, which is right next to the start. This layout is easier to staff, and allows participants to return to where they left their shoes.

Starting at $795

76′ Biohazard Obstacle Course

76' Biohazard Obstacle Course

Two-lane course with 76 feet of heart-pumping obstacles! This configuration includes two identical 38' obstacles attached end-to-end.

Starting at $995

80′ Biohazard Obstacle Course

80' Biohazard Obstacle Course

Two-lane course with 80 feet of heart-pumping obstacles! New for 2022.

Starting at $1095

85′ Biohazard Loop Obstacle Course

85' Biohazard Loop Obstacle Course

Two-lane obstacle course with the entrance and exit on the same end. Contestants race to one end, make a hairpin turn, then race to the finish line. This configuration is easier to staff and fits into spaces that the long obstacle courses may not. New for 2022.

Starting at $1395

Giant Roller Coaster Obstacle Course

Giant Roller Coaster Obstacle Course

Experience the thrill of a roller coaster on this huge inflatable obstacle course. Climb the hills, zoom down the valleys, race through 110 feet of twists and turns! You'll want to go back for more!

Starting at $1195.

Iceberg Challenge Obstacle Course

Iceberg Challenge Obstacle Course

Our 20' tall iceberg themed obstacle course is over 45' long. 

Starting at $795.

Jungle Playlite

Jungle Playlite

from $495.00

item unavailable (change date)

Your kids' imaginations will run wild as they climb, slide and crawl their way through 48 feet of tropical jungle obstacle course. With awesome colorful graphics, this play center is perfect for young children at any animal themed event. 

Starting at $495

Leaps & Bounds

Leaps & Bounds

from $995.00

item unavailable (change date)

Ever seen the show Wipe Out? Well now’s your chance to be a participant! But don’t worry, you wont be falling into water, our inflatable will catch you. Our Crash Course will entertain all guests–participants and spectators.

Starting at $995.

Rat Race Obstacle Course

Rat Race Obstacle Course

from $1,295.00

item unavailable (change date)

This obstacle course is the hottest challenge around! With its figure-eight track, it is an alternative to the straight tracks. Two opponents race in opposite directions through numerous obstacles to make it to the finish line first! This is a fast and exciting ride for kids and adults!

Starting at $1295.

Treasure Island Obstacle Course

Treasure Island Obstacle Course

Ahoy Matey! Climb on board this exciting Treasure of the Caribbean obstacle course. Competitors will race through obstacles including slides, climbing walls, sharks and more!

Starting at $1095.

Under the Sea

Under the Sea

from $495.00

item unavailable (change date)

The little ones will love this Under the Sea obstacle course! Biffers, baffers, slides and more make up the adventure through the 55-foot long enclosed obstacle course with the giant octopus and bright colored graphics. 

Starting at $495

If you are planning on having your event at a park, there are some additional steps you will need to take. Most parks require a special event permit and possibly insurance to be purchased. Here are some links to help you figure out what you will need for your party.

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