Show Dome
Show Dome

Show Dome

Product Information:

Product launch? Grand opening celebration? Pop-up store? Beer garden? This inflatable will give you an impressive place to display...whatever you have to display! Add some chairs to create a presentation room. With many attachment points for your custom signage, it is sure to draw a curious crowd. 

This can also be used to create a dark indoor space to run our Golf Simulator, Virtual Reality, any photo booth, and many other items that need to be out of the sunlight.

With a 6' wide grand entrance in front, and a standard doorway exit out the back, use it as a registration tent, a unique entrance to an indoor or outdoor event, valet parking tent...the options are almost limitless!

Fans can be added to a couple of cooling vents to keep it comfortable on hot summer days, or add a commercial tent heater to keep it cozy in the winter.

Interior space is 20' x 20'. Walls are 10' high, interior peak is 13'.

Starting at $595

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

32'd x 25'w x 17'h

Space Needed:

45'd x 30'w x 17'h

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