Quad Air Jumper

This is the hottest item of 2013 ! If you are having an event and want to shout it out to everyone this is the item to rent. Participants will soar high in the air and be able to perform back flips and other extreme tricks safely using this patented system! It’s suitable for all ages and because there are four stations in one unit the lines will be shorter and you’ll have happy participants experiencing this extreme air jumper time and time again. Even small children will enjoy this as they can simply glide back and forth can like a ride at the state fair. You can customize it for your special promotion events too by choosing a theme or adding your customized banners on the unit. Winter boarding and skateboarding theme options available. The still photo doesn’t do this amazing item justice. View the YouTube video and share it with everyone on your planning committee.

  • Space required: 35′ w x 45’d x 25′ high clearance!
  • Power required: 1-20amp circuit
  • Age suitability: 5 years and up
  • Set-up time: 40 Minutes
  • Traffic: 125 persons per hour