Soccer Darts

Test your skills on our giant inflatable dart board with velcro soccer balls. At 20' tall, this monster always attracts a lot of attention. 

Do-it-yourself pricing as low as $349 on weekdays, or $454 for a 4-day weekend rental.
$495 for 4 hours with delivery. Does not include staffing and delivery fees. 

Note: Base price is only an estimate, actual pricing may be higher or lower depending on package discounts and other conditions. Base price may not include staffing or travel. See our Delivery Options and FAQ pages for more information.

Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 8'd x 18'w x 20'h
Space Needed: 40'd x 25'w x 20'h *
Item Weight: 175 Lbs

Will call rentals give you a longer rental period for less money. See how easy it is to do it yourself and save some coin…