Graffiti Wall Photo Booth

Air Graffiti Wall is a unique and exciting product that takes a photo booth to a new level. A group (or individual) photo is taken against a green-screen backdrop, then projected on a 10' wide projection screen.  The interactive experience begins by selecting a background for your photo, then using infrared spray cans and whatever artistic abilities you may have, to create your masterpiece. High quality photos can be printed instantly. We have several pricing and configuration options, so request a quote, email, or call for more details.

Price $895 for 4 hours, includes unlimited prints, does not include staffing

Note: Base price is only an estimate, actual pricing may be higher or lower depending on package discounts and other conditions. Base price may not include staffing or travel. See our Delivery Options and FAQ pages for more information.

Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 10'w x 6'd x 7'h
Space Needed: 22'w x 12'd x 8'h
Item Weight: 0 Lbs