Drive-In Movie

Our 35' drive-in movie setup is custom built for drive-ins. The bottom of the screen sits 8' off the ground, so it is viewable from all vehicles (standard big screens are too low to the ground for drive-ins). We use a powerful commercial projector, and we transmit audio over FM radio, so viewers tune their car stereos to our frequency for audio. A professional sound system can be added for guests who are not in vehicles. (Optional setup with two smaller screens to accommodate a variety of spaces) Other add-ons that will turn your movie night into a complete event include: 

  • A DJ/Emcee/Game Show to provide entertainment before sunset
  • Mobile trivia games
  • A gaming area for your guests to play. Example include mini golf, giant soccer darts, velcro axe throwing, and many more
  • Food service
  • Reserved VIP seating with gas fire pits and outdoor sofas
  • Parking attendants
  • Portable restrooms

Base price of $2000  includes 35' screen, projector, DVD player, FM transmitted audio, setup and staffing throughout the movie. May not include travel fees depending on date and location.

Note: Base price is only an estimate, actual pricing may be higher or lower depending on package discounts and other conditions. Base price may not include staffing or travel. See our Delivery Options and FAQ pages for more information.

Circuits needed: 2
Item Dimensions: 20'd x 40'w x 30'h
Space Needed: 100'd x 80'w x 30'h *
Item Weight: 0 Lbs