Twisted Nitro Arcade Racing

Loops and leaps are front and center in this high-flying racing game. Jet powered racers provide a totally realistic racing experience with fine-tuned handling, air controls and over-boosted engines. Single players can enjoy the heart-pounding action or heighten the competition by linking 2 game cabinets. Standard racing rules apply… but that is the only thing standard in this Twisted game!

Game Features:

  • Players can drive 4 different F-Jet all terrain racing beasts
  • Aerial handling and collision
  • 5 race tracks, each with its own characteristics
  • Tackle enormous jumps, huge loops, ramps and pipes
  • Multiple surface types - mud, asphalt, sand, grass and metal

Base price of $595 for one unit, $895 for two units, for a single day event, does not include staffing or travel fees.

Note: Base price is only an estimate, actual pricing may be higher or lower depending on package discounts and other conditions. Base price may not include staffing or travel. See our Delivery Options and FAQ pages for more information.

Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 10'd x 5'w x 7'h
Space Needed: 10'd x 5'w x 7'h *
Item Weight: 0 Lbs